Legion, CalPIA’s newest addition to our systems furniture offering, is a panel system that can create a modern look in a number of combinations. The slim European profile creates an openness in the workspace without sacrificing user’s privacy. Glass and open space play vital roles throughout the system, reducing its impact on the environment both visually and through the manufacturing process.

Legion maximizes storage by offering a variety of overhead cabinets, lateral and pedestal files, bookcases and storage towers.

Frameless glass divider screens allow spaces to use more natural light while glass tiles do much the same while establishing a visual boundary between spaces.

The electrical system allows access to power at the base and above the worksurface; grommets create a simple way to route data, communications and electrical cables neatly through the surface.

Segmented panels allow tiles to be used in combination for additional design flexibility. For example, fabric lower panels providing privacy, access to power and acoustic dampening can be paired with glass upper tiles that transmit natural light through the space.

In addition to a raceway base, Legion panels can be specified with an elevated or tile-to-floor base. Elevated bases improve air circulation by replacing the raceway with a nominal 6” opening. All raceways can be specified with or without knockouts for data and electrical access.

Legion also offers worksurface supports to suit any style. The modern look of open legs can be paired with perforated inserts, which provide modesty and visual appeal while maintaining airflow. For additional support between legs, cantilever brackets are an unobtrusive solution.

With the Legion panel system, we give you a diverse group of specialized components ready for your unique environment.

Features & Highlights

  • Offers tile-to-floor panels, dividers, sliding doors for space division
  • Mixed material panels (glass, fabric, steel marker board) promote privacy or transparency as needed
  • Panels are offered in monolithic and segmented styles
  • Panel Widths: 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 72”
  • Panel Heights: 32”, 40”, 48”, 56”, 64”
  • Finished Panel Thickness: 3.5”
  • Base styles include: standard, elevated or tile-to-floor
  • 90 degree and 120 degree corner blocks