Ergonomic / Task

  • Atlas Midback Chair
    Ergonomic / Task

    Atlas Midback Chair

    Atlas is a cutting edge seating series. The flowing sleek lines of this chair add to the ambiance of...

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  • Boston 24/7 Chair
    Ergonomic / Task

    Boston 24/7 Chair

    The Boston 24/7 chair is certified as a 24/7 chair. Arm height and arm width both adjust 3.25"....

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  • Boston Chair
    Ergonomic / Task

    Boston Chair

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    The Boston chair is ergonomically engineered with a great contemporary ...

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  • Brentwood Chair
    Ergonomic / Task

    Brentwood Chair

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    The Brentwood chair is designed with a mesh back that allows air flow f...

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  • Hard Casters
    Ergonomic / Task

    Hard Casters

    The Hard Casters minimize slippage on soft flooring. Hard Casters can be installed before deliv...

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  • Headrest Options
    Ergonomic / Task

    Headrest Options

    Boston 24/7 Chair Pivot Adjustable Headrest, Core #680001. Overall Dimensions: Width: 12"; Heig...

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  • Madera Task Chair
    Ergonomic / Task

    Madera Task Chair

    The Madera task chair has a rear adjustment knob for 6.5" back height adjustment range. Se...

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  • Madison Chair
    Ergonomic / Task

    Madison Chair

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    The Madison chair is an economic task chair that provides state-of...

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