Conversion Kits: H-Frame Ends - Floor Mount


The Conversion Kit- Ends Only: Used to convert #7601, #7602, and #7603 single beds to double tier. Freestanding beds steads must have foot glides removed. Single bedsteads with new style foot lugs can be stacked on top of "H" steads. Single beds with old-style foot lugs require the removal of lug and part of the stead tube. Steads: 30-3/8Wx60H.

Conversion Kit- Ends/Pan with one drawer, or two drawers: Designed to stack a single #7601 bed on top of H-Frame converting to a double bunk. Pan bottom: 16 gauge. Uses standard 30"x76"L mattress. Beds have slip-fit unions on top of each leg for double bunking. Two 10 gauge stainless steel foot mounting lugs for floor attachment. Two steps are attached for access to the top pan.

  • Beds shipped unassembled.
  • Assembly of bed pan to bedsteads not provided.
    • Assembly hardware provided.
  • 30-3/8"Wx80-1/2"L.

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